Hugo Corro - Diseño, Dibujos and a Long Lonesome Maze- Napa, California

My artwork is inspired by folk stories and songs, contemporary popular culture, and local flora and fauna.  I choose subjects that reflect sadness and futility, while also finding the joy and beauty that makes life worth living and, ultimately, laughing at. 

I spent many years studying, and a few years practicing, architecture and design.  Early on I learned to take those analog and digital tools and use them to create rabid comic strips and characters to reflect my own loneliness back into the world.  I use small scale reproductions such as stickers, buttons, photocopies, and post cards as ways of physically reaching out to others, but also as a way of expressing my own humility towards the artwork I produce.

As an artist I strive to create artwork that is alive and expresses the beauty and absurdity of everyday life.  I am driven to reach out and connect through humor and emotions while tapping into my own past growing up in both small-town suburban California, as well as the rugged mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

© Hugo Corro  / hugo.e.corro(at)